What Does CFS Mean On Instagram?

CFS Mean On Instagram

In case you are not a regular Instagram user, sometimes the terminology can be confusing to you if you are not familiar with it. This app uses a number of acronyms without explaining what they mean and there is little explanation as to what these acronyms mean. Even if Instagram is your go-to social media … Read more

Coronal Plane

Coronal Plane

Coronal Plane Definition An organ’s dorsal and ventral halves are divided into an imaginary plane called the coronal plane, also called the frontal plane. A dorsal area is that which faces the spine, whereas a ventral area is that which faces away from the spine, typically toward the ground. A coronal plane runs from the … Read more

Sagittal Plane

Sagittal Plane

Sagittal Plane Definition There is an anatomical boundary between the left and right sides of the body called the sagittal plane. From the mouth to the tail, the sagittal plane runs parallel to the longitudinal axis of the organism. The direction toward the sagittal plane is called medial, and the direction away from the sagittal … Read more

What’s the Difference Between a College and a University?

College and University

‘What’s the difference between college and university?’ That’s a common question that many high school students ask as they research higher education institutions. In the US, people use the terms “college” and “university” interchangeably to describe institutions that provide post-secondary education. That’s not right though. There are a few key differences between college and university. … Read more

Why Did You Choose This School? How to Answer the Challenging Question

Challenging Question

When you’re asked, “Why did you choose this school?” during an interview, it can be challenging to provide a response that sets you apart from other candidates. Your answer should showcase your knowledge of the school, demonstrate your passion for your intended major, and illustrate why you would be an excellent fit for the institution. … Read more